Sherline Lathes

Sherlines range of lathes are available in combinations of a number of different options. The options are described below, and a table of combinations can be found at the base of this page.

Bed Lengths

Sherline's 3.5″ lathe comes in two different bed lengths (8″ and 17″) for turning metal, wood or plastic.


Both bed lengths are available in your choice of inch or metric calibrations.

Digital Readout

Any Sherline lathe can be ordered with a digital readout installed. Special handwheels with built-in encoders are installed in place of the standard handwheels on the crosslide and leadscrew. These handwheels are connected to a display box that translates handwheel rotation into a readout of table position to within .0005″ (or .01 mm). In addition, a constant readout of spindle RPM is displayed.

The advantage of a digital readout is that you no longer need to count handwheel rotations when moving distances longer than a single revolution. This helps eliminate math errors. The large, easy-to-read display reads out to 3 and a half decimal places to give accuracy to within .0005″. The display for each axis can be reset to zero at any time with the push of a button. Backlash values can be set for each axis in the programming so that backlash is electronically eliminated when changing direction of handwheel rotation. A third axis is available on the display box should you later decide to add a vertical milling column or use it on a Sherline 3-axis mill.The readout can function with inch or metric lathes. In the metric mode, the position reads out to 1/100 of a millimeter.

CNC Options

Any Sherline lathe can be ordered ready for the application of stepper motors and Computer Numeric Control (CNC). Sherline installs stepper motor mounts in place of the leadscrew and crosslide handwheels. These mounts are designed to accept 23-frame size stepper motors. A dampened coupling for the 1/4″ motor shaft is included. The coupling drives the leadscrew through two 3/8″ bearings with adjustable preload to remove end play.

Once you have the machine, you will need to attach stepper motors and connect them through a driver to a computer. Several aftermarket companies provide the proper motors, drivers and software to complete the package. Sherline offers high quality stepper motors, as do a number of aftermarket suppliers.

Adjustable Handwheel

The model 4500 (4530 metric) lathe is a standard model 4000 (4100 metric) 3.5” x 8” lathe upgraded to include two adjustable “zero” handwheels on the crosslide and leadscrew.

All Models

The following table lists all the models with the options they come with. The adjustable zero handwheels allow the user to reset the handwheel to a zero reading at any time without moving the leadscrew. This makes dialing in the next dimension easier, as you are starting from zero each time. It also helps eliminate math errors. This is a feature normally found on expensive full-size machines, but not often available on a machine of this size and price.

To order any product on this site, please contact Millhill Supplies

📧 📞 01279 418300

To order any product on this site, please contact Millhill Supplies

📧 📞 01279 418300