Grinding a cam for a model V4 engine by Joe Martin

Components of Joe's CNC cam grinder.

Components of Joe’s CNC cam grinder.

Joe Martin put together a cam grinder from mostly off-the-shelf Sherline components, a coolant pump and a few custom plumbing and bent brass pieces. He spent over 3 years developing the g-code software, which he wrote himself. The heart of the system is a 4″ grinding wheel driven by a Sherline headstock and a Sherline CNC rotary table to rotate the cam blank. Both are placed on a Sherline CNC mill base for in/out movement. An 18-minute video on how it works has been placed on YouTube. It had to be divided into two parts to fit within YouTube’s new 10-minute limit on video length. You can view the two halves of the video by clicking on the links below:



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