Mill Specifications

The following table provides the specifications for the 5000, 5400 and 2000 model lathes, and their metric equivalents (5100, 5410 and 2010).

  • The 5000/5100 is a vertical milling machine with a 10″ base.
  • The 5400/5410 is a vertical milling machine with a 12″ base, and adjustable zero handwheels.
  • The 2000/2010 is an 8-direction vertical milling machine with a 14″ base, and adjustable zero handwheels.
Max clearance, table to spindle8.00"203 mm8.00"203 mm9.00"229 mm
Throat (without headstock spacer)2.25"50 mm2.25"50 mmAdjustableAdjustable
Throat (with headstock spacer block)Not includedNot includedIncluded, 3.50"Included, 89 mmNot RequiredNot Required
Travel, "X" Axis9.00"228 mm9.00"228 mm9.00"228 mm
Travel, "Y" Axis3.00"76 mm5.00"127 mm7.00"178 mm
Travel, "Z" Axis6.25"159 mm6.25"159 mm5.38"137 mm
Hole through spindle.405"10 mm.405"10 mm.405"10 mm
Spindle nose thread3/4-16 T.P.I.3/4-16 T.P.I.3/4-16 T.P.I.3/4-16 T.P.I.3/4-16 T.P.I.3/4-16 T.P.I.
Spindle taper#1 Morse#1 Morse#1 Morse#1 Morse#1 Morse#1 Morse
Handwheel graduations.001".01 mm.001".01 mm.001".01 mm
Width overall*14.75"375 mm15.00"381 mm15.00"381 mm
Depth overall*11.75"298 mm14.00"356 mm22.25"565 mm
Height overall*20.75"527 mm20.75"527 mm23.38"568 mm
Table size2.75" x 13.00"70 x 330 mm2.75" x 13.00"0 x 330 mm2.75" x 13.00"70 x 330 mm
Hold down provision2 "T" Slots2 "T" Slots2 "T" Slots2 "T" Slots2 "T" Slots2 "T" Slots
Shipping weight33 lb / 15.0 kg36 lb / 16.3 kg38 lb / 17.2 kg
Movements in addition to X/Y/Z-axesHeadstock rotation 90° left/rightHeadstock rotation 90° left/rightHeadstock rotation 90° left/right, column rotation (90° L/R), column pivot (front/back), column swing (90° L/R) and 5.5" column travel (in/out)
Motor1/3 HP DC (90 volts) electronic speed control automatically converts any input from 100 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz.
Spindle speed range70-2800 RPM continuously variable by electronic speed control

Note: *Overall dimensions include motor and speed control

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