Lathes with Digital Readouts Factory Installed

4000A-DRO with Factory -Fitted Digital Readout

4000A-DRO with Factory -Fitted Digital Readout

Sherline lathes can be retrofitted to include a digital readout. Lathes can also be ordered new with factory installed digital readouts. This not only saves you the installation time, it saves a little money too, as you don’t pay for any of the parts like standard handwheels that are replaced in the DRO upgrade. The digital readouts are applied to the leadscrew and the crosslide screw. The sensors read handwheel rotation and electronically translate that into table movement on a digital display that reads out to the nearest .0005”. Backlash can be compensated for electronically, also to within .0005”. Because the movements on a lathe of this size are relatively small and the precision rolled leadscrews are highly accurate, this is system works very well while keeping costs down. In addition to reading the travel of both axes, the readout box also provides a continuous readout of spindle RPM.

Note: The DRO was not designed to provide a closed-loop system when used in conjunction with CNC; however, it can be adapted to fit on the rear shaft of stepper motors for manual use. See the DRO on CNC page for installation instructions.

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