Lathe Specifications

Specifications for the lathe models 4000 (basic short-bed length) and 4400 (basic long-bed length), and their metric counterparts 4100 and 4410:

Feature 4000 (inch)4100 (metric)4400 (inch)4410 (metric)
Swing over bed3.50"90 mm3.50"90 mm
Swing over carriage1.75"45 mm1.75"45 mm
Distance between centres8.00"200 mm17.00"430 mm
Hole through spindle.405"10 mm.405"10 mm
Spindle nose thread3/4"-16 T.P.I.3/4"-16 T.P.I.3/4"-16 T.P.I.3/4"-16 T.P.I.
Spindle nose taper#1 Morse#1 Morse#1 Morse#1 Morse
Travel of crosslide4.25"110 mm4.25"110 mm
Taper of tailstock spindle#0 Morse#0 Morse#0 Morse#0 Morse
Protractor graduations0° to 45° by 5°0° to 45° by 5°0° to 45° by 5°0° to 45° by 5°
Handwheel graduations.001".01 mm.001".01 mm
Length overall24"610 mm32.25"820 mm
Width overall7.5"190 mm8.75"220 mm
Height overall6"150 mm8"200 mm
Shipping weight24 lb / 10.9 kg30 lb / 13.6 kg
Motor1/3 HP DC (90 Volts) with electronic speed control that accepts any incoming current from 100VAC to 240 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Spindle speed range70-2800 RPM continuously variable by electronic speed control
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